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Beyond mere financial value, our experienced genealogists are not just looking for you: They will listen to you, inform you, reassure you and support you.

Why have
I been contacted ?

The telephone rings, you answer and a probate genealogist informs you, much to your surprise, that you are inheriting from a deceased member of your family. This call may be disconcerting, some may even think it’s a mistake, but rest assured, our genealogist, appointed by a Solicitor, has identified you as heir to an estate. 

They will help you understand your rights, answer any questions you may have, explain everything to you and support you throughout the process so that you can receive this unexpected inheritance in safety and in the comfort of your own home.


We are appointed
by the solicitor

When administering an estate, the Solicitor must identify the identity and rights of the heirs. However, some estates are more complex and difficult to settle. The heirs are unknown or cannot be located, if the deceased was single and lived alone, for example. In this case, the Solicitor calls upon the expertise of a probate Genealogist to find the information needed to settle the estate. They will investigate and confirm that no heirs have been forgotten.

Since its creation, Etude BLAISE
embodies the highest security standards

You don't
pay anything

Through the power of attorney they have accepted, the Probate Genealogist agrees to represent the heir free of charge without asking them for any money. All of the expenses have been advanced and, where there is an estate deficit, the genealogist will take care of the expenses, and you do not owe them anything. In this way, heirs do not have to advance or payout anything.

What is an estate
disclosure agreement

The estate disclosure agreement involves disclosing rights to the heir that they had been previously unaware of. This has the advantage of protecting the heir against any estate deficit and representing them, so they do not have to travel anywhere or deal with any administrative and fiscal formalities. In addition, this agreement can help avoid late penalty fees requested by the tax authorities.

Let's continue
The conversation

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be delighted to advise you. It's easy and does not commit you to anything.



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