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Azur Tv - 12/11/1998

In this legal column Maître Marie-Pierre Lazard-Pourcines, a lawyer at the Bar of Nice, takes stock with Michèle Blaise of the Genealogical Study Patrick Bertrand and Michèle Blaise on the genealogical research of heirs during a succession when the latter are unknown . Discovery of a profession and a practice mainly used by notaries.

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Journal Village des Notaires- 12/11/2012

Publication in the magazine "Village des Notaires" on the importance of inheritance genealogy in searching for heirs.

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Madame Figaro - 12/11/2018

Publication in the magazine "Elle". Presentation of the profession of inheritance genealogist and of the BLAISE Genealogical Study.

Publication Madame Figaro
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Coming Soon

Publication in the magazine "ELLE" on the Blaise Study and the profession of inheritance genealogy in the search for heirs.

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