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Discover the five stages of the estate settlement process.

Etude BLAISE will support you at every stage.


Signing of
the agreement

Once you have been contacted, you will receive the estate disclosure agreement in its blue folder by post. After you have signed and dated the agreement, a stamped addressed envelope is provided for you to return it.


Revelation &
power of attorney

This is the day of revelation. The Genealogist informs you by registered letter of the identity of the deceased and details of the estate. They send you a power of attorney so that they can represent you free of charge before the Solicitor handling the case.

If the succession turns out to be in deficit, the Genealogist will keep all the costs incurred and carry out the renunciation formalities on your behalf in complete safety.


You are

Once the research has been completed, the heir is contacted by one of the Genealogists to inform them that they are the heir of an estate. 

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Selling off
real estate

If there is a real estate, you will be asked for your written agreement before it is put up for sale. The Solicitor and several estate agents determine the value. When all the heirs’ agreements have been returned, the real estate can be put up for sale.


Receipt of
the inheritance

You will receive your net share by cheque or bank transfer according to your preferred choice. The settlement period depends on each case and can take some months.


To complete these five stages,
our Genealogists have done months
of preparatory work to trace you

Let's continue
the conversation

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be delighted to advise you. It's easy and does not commit you to anything.



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