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Inheritance tax, scale, reductions, fees...

Learn how all these calculations are made.

How are
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Blended family, divorce, children born of adultery, geographic dispersion, etc. The investigative work of genealogists is becoming increasingly complex.

Are you wondering how probate genealogists are paid? The fees are calculated differently according to two types of mission: confirmation of uncertain inheritance devolutions and revelation of rights to an estate.


If the heirs are known but are not able to prove their family relationship or their share (share in the estate), the Solicitor should call upon a probate genealogist who, upon completion of the verification work, will invoice an amount for fees according to the number of hours spent on the case and any travel undertaken.  


The genealogist's fee is established by signing the estate disclosure agreement proposed to the heir and is based on Article 716 of the French Civil Code. In accordance with this legal basis of revelation of a “hidden treasure”, the genealogist cannot gain more than the heir. The fee amount stated in the estate disclosure agreement is expressed as a percentage of the heir’s net entitlement and is determined according to the degree of kinship to the deceased, the complexity of the case and the value of the estate assets. The fees are on a sliding scale - the genealogist’s fees decrease as the inheritance increases. The fees represent between 15 and 40% (excluding tax) of the net entitlement, or the sum actually received by the heir after payment of the inheritance tax to the State. The Genealogist’s fees are only collected when the inheritance taxes have been paid and the estate's assets received by the Solicitor.


If an estate proves to be in deficit,
Etude BLAISE shall be liable for all costs.
The heir remains protected at all times.

Tableau des droits de successions 2021

tax calculation

Prior to payment of the funds due to the heirs and before the settlement of the Genealogist’s fees, the Solicitor must pay the inheritance taxes, calculated on the net taxable share going to each heir (assets - liabilities), to the tax authorities. The amount of this tax depends on the existing family relationship between the deceased and their beneficiary and any deductions that may apply. The rule states that the closer the family relationship, the less tax the heir has to pay.

Click on the table opposite to enlarge the image and see the inheritance tax calculations.

tax exemptions

The following are totally exempt from inheritance taxes:
  • The share received by the surviving spouse or partner in a civil partnership

  • The share of brothers and sisters of the deceased subject to three conditions:

  1. They are single, widowed or divorced at the time of death;

  2. They are over 50 years of age or infirm and unable to work;

  3. They have been living with the deceased over the past five years.

In addition, pursuant to Article 796 of the French General Tax Code, the estates of victims of war or acts of terrorism committed since 1st January 2021 are also exempt from transfer duties upon death.

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