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The genuine passion that we bring to our work extends to all aspects of our business. Discover what makes us stand out and gives us an edge

A human-Scale office

As a member of the economic interest group, "GENEALO G.I.E", Etude BLAISE stands apart from the traditional structure of the biggest Offices, which involve cumbersome bureaucracy.
An undeniable advantage that allows Etude BLAISE to collect and share knowledge and information with professionals in the same network while retaining its precious independence and freedom. Belonging to this structure based on cooperative relations allows us to forge strong relationships with clients and partners in order to ensure recognition and provide a personalized service. 


A productivity
for over 30 years

Guided by its human-driven values, our structure has demonstrated the quality of its services over time. Thanks to the streamlining of administrative processes and regular exchanges with stakeholders, Etude BLAISE has the leeway needed in order to:


  • Be more flexible and reactive. This enables us to make decisions quickly and effectively as we have a more straightforward hierarchy. Like being able to go to New Zealand overnight to find an heir, for example.

  • Be versatile and autonomous. Our experts have a global overview of the business. Combining genealogical research with the legal and linguistic knowledge needed to wind up estates, we are able to settle cases within an optimal timeframe while meeting both the needs of the Solicitors and expectations of the Heirs. We speak your language.

Let's continue
the conversation

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